If you want to sell your home and move, then Plusinek Property can help, however, this isn't the only option. Through Plusinek Property’s sell and rent back division, Rent Back Experts, they can help you remain in your home after the house sale.
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Sell and Rent Back

Sell and Rent Back is when you continue to live in your home as a tenant after the sale. To ensure you are protected, the sale price of your home and the amount of rent is agreed at the outset; all outlined in a legal contract. With sell and rent back you obtain the same rights as usual tenants.

If your financial difficulties are likely to be temporary you might be in a position to buy back your home at a later date. In cases like these, a market value for your home is usually fixed at a time in the future and when this time comes you’ll either have the option of buying back your home at the price agreed – or walking away from the deal with no loss whatsoever.
Is Sell and Rent Back right for you?

You'll receive a ‘no obligation’ offer
We work with authorised rent-back providers
Delegate! We can liaise with mortgage companies and solicitors on your behalf
Outstanding mortgage loans are settled
Ask about eliminating up to 80% of unsecured debts
You could sell your home and stay in it as a tenant; read more about sell and rent back.
You could have the option to buy back your home at a later date if you wish
No hidden charges or fees

The offer Rent Back Experts arranges is a GENUINE CASH PURCHASE, typically 75%-85% of the current market value of the property, but remember, you pay No fees, it is IMMEDIATE, and it will put you in a strong position for making all your financial decisions.

Rent Back Experts is a trading style of Plusinek Property Limited. Plusinek Property is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority for the conduct of Sale and Rent Back business. Our firm's reference number is 522471. *not all types of property purchase activity is regulated, please ask us for details.

Plusinek Property is a UK Based Organisation dealing with only UK Properties. If you enter into a sale and rent back agreement you are unlikely to get the market value of your home and, as a tenant, may only be able to remain there for a limited period. There may be other options available. Please ask for a key terms statement.

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